Pex Cutting Tools

Pex Cutting Tool

No matter what type of crimping/expansion method you use when plumbing with pex, you will need a cutting tool to cut the pex tubing. There are many different brands on the market but we’ve found several that seem to fit the bill for most non professionals and professionals alike. The most important aspect of a cutting tool as one would expect is to cut the material cleanly and easily. A clean cut is particularly important in the use of pex because if the tubing is not cut squarely or with burrs, there is a strong chance that the tubing will not seal properly to the fitting. If this happens, a leak can occur…… not a good thing!

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There are some real cheap cutters like the Everhot brand, They get the job done but can have problems over time with breaking and particularly with blade sharpness. I would steer clear of cutters such as the $7.95 special! Everhot has higher end types of cutters which are better if you want to stay at the lower level of cutting tools.

Rothenberger has several different style of cutters that are very good. The blades are typically stainless steel and cut quickly through pex or other plastic pipe.

rigid-pex-cutterWirsbo/Uponor has several types of pex cutters. They are very well made and made of stainless steel blades and in many have a ratcheted closure and release feature. The ratchet gives extra power when closing and locks the tubing in to get a clean cut. Join Amazon Prime – Start Free Trial Now FREE SHIPPING

Finally, Ridgid makes some good cutting tools. They also have a ratcheted cutter that cuts pex, pvc, cpvc pb, and pe tubing, It is constructed for heavy duty use
and burrless cutting for square cuts.

There are many more such as Victor, Klein, Milwaukee – which has a lot of power tools and Watts among others.

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