Pex Cinching Tools

Pex Cinching Tool

A third commonly used method is the “cinch” system. It is basically like the standard system above but typically uses stainless steel rings to “cinch” the ring around the pex tubing to get a tight fit. This method works really well in tight places because the cinching tool doesn’t have to go around the entire tube only to one side. It basically is a ratcheting system where the cinch tools graps a connector on both sides and ratchets them together.

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Some plumbers say the cinch method has more chance to leak because it assumes that the ratcheting affect should tighten the cinch ring all the way down tight. But if you don’t get that final pex-crimping-toolssqueeze on the tool and do not get it to release correctly, the ring may not be on right and possibly the cinching tool will release too soon. Thus not applying the correct clamping pressure to keep the fitting tight.

Again, like the previous systems, there are specific cinching tools to use which are typically the least expensive of the three options. Some of the common brands are PexCaliber, Watts, Shurlock and Apollo.

Also, it is important to remember, do not mix and match the various systems components such as crimping, cinching, expansion tools and fittings. If you do so, you may have some major problems. Decide on a method and stick with it. Join Amazon Prime – Start Free Trial Now FREE SHIPPING


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