Pex Uncoiler

Pex Uncoiler

One of the challenges with Pex is that generally it comes in rolls of up to 500 feet.Join Amazon Prime – Start Free Trial Now FREE SHIPPING

The problem comes when you need only a small section to make a run of pipe during the install process. One of the tools of trade if you are going to do this for a living is to purchase
a Pex Tube Uncoiler. Pex Uncoilers can be made of steel, aluminum or heavy plastic and help the plumbing process by uncoiling the tube in a controlled manner. The Uncoilers can
typically hold up to 500 feet of pex depending upon the diameter of the pex tubing.

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Many of the Pex Uncoilers are light weight, under 50 lbs. The Uncoilers also help with
reducing labor costs by keeping all the pex tubing in a controlled space and not all over
the floor when the plastic is cut away.

pex-uncoilerThe Pex Uncoilers come in different styles. The first style below is the Uponer. It is more
of a stand up version and does a good job releasing the tube without having to be
constantly bending down to pull the tubing.

Another type is the Malco version. It lays more flat on the ground. The Malco has a
heavy-duty turntable which supports a full coil of PEX. There is kind of like an
eyelet which allows for easy feeding of the pex. This is a nice unit as well.

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