Pex Radiant Heat

One of the great uses of pex is to use it as a radiant heating source. It is said the around 65-70% of heating systems being used are based on radiant heat. Radiant floor heating saves money versus your traditional forced air heating system by approximately 15-20%. It is also clean, quiet and healthy especially if one is allergic to dust and pollen. Unlike the old traditional systems with radiators, there is no banging, rattling or clanking noises when the pipes are surging with fluid. Join Amazon Prime – Start Free Trial Now FREE SHIPPING

Hydronic heating have been primarily used in Europe since the 1960′s. Radiant or hydronic floor heat uses hot water that is carried through floors, walls and ceilings. Most of the radiant heat installed these days is through under floor heating. Pex is ideal for these systems again for the flexibility in the tubing. Second, unlike copper systems a lot of fittings do not need to be used with pex. Thus cutting down on any possibility of leaking. Additionally, given the the freeze flexibility of the pex pipe, if the heat unexpectantly is shut off due to electric or gas outages, pex piping will have a greater possibility of staying in tact and not breaking like traditional radiant heating methods.
Finally, radiant heating allows for heating zones or the house or building. This is more difficult to do with forces air systems. This also helps in cutting down on overall heat bills because certain parts of the house can be cooler when not being utilized.

If you decide to use a radiant system, it is important use use the correct pex or pex-al tubing with proper insulation. Incorrect installation can cause a lot of headaches if not properly plumbed and installed.


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