Pex Installation Design

 Pex Tubing Installation

Pex Installation Plumbing Options:

The great thing about pex is it can be installed using traditional plumbing designs or
by other designs which help with the cost and easy accessibility of installation.
Pex Plumbing system design can be done in a similar fashion to traditional Plumbing Systems.

The first type of installation is the traditional run and branch install. This is used typically
when using copper or cpvc. A fitting is used or “teed off” at every branch or change in direction of the pex line. Obviously, there are more connections or fittings to be used in this method because you are plumbing pretty much like the tradional way. This method is not advised because you can not take advantage of the flexibility of pex and the ability to lower the overall time and cost in the installation process. Design Guide: Residential PEX Water Supply Plumbing Systems

The second method is the home run install. In this method manifolds are used in a central location to distribute water throughout the building. The central manifold can be valveless or valved. If the manifold is valveless then shut off valves will be needed at each fixture (faucets, toilets etc.). If the manifold is a valved manifold then for each port, 3 to 12 ports typically, then at the manifold any or all ports can be shut off from one location. This is nice because you don’t have to go crawling around under a sink or toilet to shut of the valve.

Each fixture will have a dedicated hot and cold line. This installation type does take advantage of pex flexibility and cost of installation. In addition, a big benefit especially in winter is that there is a reduced time for hot water to reach a particular fixture!

The third method is the modified home run install. This one is like the home run method but
uses several flow through valved or valveless manifolds. Less pex is used and some plumbers say it helps to get hot water to fixtures faster.

The fourth method is called the remote manifold install. This is where pex is run to close-
end remote manifolds. So these manifolds would be located close to a kitchen or bathroom. There pex-installationwould be one manifold for hot and one for cold lines. The manifolds can be valved or valveless.

Finally there is the structured method. Basically manifolds are located near groups of
fixtures. The the hot water lines open ended manifolds are used. The purpose for this is
to recirculate the hot water through the manifolds and return lines and keeps the hot water hotter for a longer period of time. This method helps in the reduction of water and the conservation of energy.


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