Pex Tubing

Pex Tubing

There are various types of Pex tubing available depending upon the application and use.As mentioned previously the most common uses for PEX pipes are radiant heat in floors, under-floor piping, and potable hot and cold-water lines for plumbing systems in homes and buildings. Pex are sized just like the traditional copper¼” ½”, 3/8”, and 1” diameters.

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They are generally four types of Pex available for use.


Pex-A is produced using the Engel method with peroxide. This process takes longer than the other two processes and is perfomed by hot crosslinking above a crystal melting temperature. It’s more expensive than the other two methods because the polymer has to be kept at high temperature and pressure for long periods during the extrusion process. Most expensive and hardest to


This method cross-linking is produced in a secondary post-extrusion process producing cross-links between a cross-linking agent . This is called the moisture cure method. The Silane method as this is called is accelerated with heat and moisture. The cross-linked bonds are formed through Silanol condensation between two grafted vinyltrimethoxysilane units, connecting the polyethylene chains. Most affordable and most widely distributed.


Is the cleanest and most environmentally friendly of the three methods. Pex-C is produced through electron beam processing in a cold cross linking process (electronic irradiation) below the melting temperature. This process does not involve chemicals ans uses only high energy electrons to split the carbon-hydrogen bonds and facilitate cross-linking. Tubing is most kinky/least flexible and least durable.


Pex-Al tubing is pex wrapped in aluminum. Pex-Al is mostly used in radiant heating and boilers in the commercial area.PEX-Al is made of a layer of aluminum sandwiched between two layers of PEX. The metal layer serves as an oxygen barrier, stopping the oxygen permiating through the polymer matrix on the inside and outside, so it cannot dissolve into the water in the tube and corrode the metal components of the system. It also bends better, because the shape memory of the PEX is offset by the aluminum.
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