Pex Manifold

Pex Manifold
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Use of manifolds are one of the many benefits of using pex plumbing systems. Manifolds control

the water distribution in a house or building. So this is where the main hot and cold water lines feed into and directs water out to the various fixtures in the building. As we discuss in the various installation methods of pex, having a centrally located manifold has various benefits.

1. Less potential for leaks. Since the hot and cold lines go into and out of one central area

there are less connections to be made and less potential leaks.

2. Since there is just one area where all connections are made (except at the fixture) leaks are easier to see and diagnose.

3. Water pressure is better regulated and typically hot water is distributed quicker to the

farthest area from the hot water tank.

4. Typically if one main manifold is used, shut off valves can be shut off at the manifold

and not the rest of the house making for easier repair work.

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There are different types of manifolds that can be utilized. One very commonly used manifold is called the manabloc. It allows for hot and cold water lines to come into the manifold and then distribute out to the various fixtures. There are different sizes (3/8, 1/2, 3/4 etc) and various number of ports for distribution. This is typically the most expensive manifold.

pex-manifoldYou can also have just straight line manifolds. With this configuration, one manifold is used

for the cold water line and one manifold is used for the hot water line. This is less

sophisticated and less costly than the all in one model we spoke about previously.

These straight line manifolds can be open at the end to allow water to flow through to other areas or closed if you want to stop the water at that point.

Along with these straight line manifolds, there are manifolds that have valves incorporated in the manifold. Again, these makes it easy to shut off particular areas in the home if needed to repair.


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