Crimping Tools Standard

One of the most important parts of the pex system in the crimping tools used for the job.There are various crimping tools depending upon the type of crimping system you use.

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The first system used is known as the standard system. It is the system that a majority of
people use when using pex. The standard system utilizes copper crimping rings with a non
proprietary crimping tool.The copper ring is slid on the outside of the pex tubing. A brass
fitting is inserted into the pex tube. The copper ring is then crimped with the crimping tool.
To make sure the crimp is satisfactory a go/no go gauge is used to assure a tight fit.

There are several different types of crimping tools available on the market. The first utilizes just one head or crimper for a particular size ring. For example the standard sizes for pex tubing and fittings are 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4 and 1 inch. So by using this style of crimping tool, you must have several tools depending on your application. You would think that it would be a hassle to carry several different crimping tools around at one time but really it is quite easy.

When a plumber is building a run through a house it makes since to use the crimping tool for that particular run. Most longer runs through a house would typcially be 3/4 inch pipe and then once the plumber plumbs to the manifold, he might use 1/2 inch pipe crimps and fittings at that point. Really it is quite easy.

The other style of crimping tool utilizing the standard method is use of a multihead system.

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These crimping tools are quite popular because you can have one crimping tool for multiple
applications. Most of the multi head systems come with 1, 3/4, 1/2, and 3/8 inch crimp heads.

The downside to this system is that there is more calibration of the tool since you are using different sized heads.

The second commonly used system is the expansion method. This method is used with a proprietary expansion tool and pex tubing which has memory built into the tubing. There are special fittings that are inserted into the tube which has been expanded by the expander tool.

The tube then shrinks around the fitting, a plastic ring is pressed around the fitting assuring a very pex-crimperstight connection. Many professionals like this method but since it is proprietary, you will be hooked into one distributor and not have much choice. But it is an excellent method to use.

A third commonly used method is the “cinch” system. It is basically like the standard system above but typically used stainless steel rings to “cinch” the ring around the pex tubing to get a tight fit. This method works really well in tight places because the cinching tool doesn’t have to go around the entire tube only to one side.

Finally, there are power tool versions of these crimpers. These power crimpers get the job done and are easier on the hands and wrists. The downside to these tools are they are quite expensive. If you are doing a lot of plumbing jobs, these might be the best alternative for you.

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