1. Can PEX be out in the sunlight? Is so how long?

PEX tubing is not for outdoor use. It needs to be stored in a covered area away from direct sunlight. Maximum UV exposure is no more than 60 days.

2. Why is PEX so good for plumbing needs?

PEX is strong, flexible, and can withstand extreme high and low temperatures. It is easy to install. PEX is highly resistant to chemicals found in the plumbing environment. It is very cost effective compared to traditional copper plumbing methods.

3. Can PEX be used under a cement slab?

Yes. PEX is great for running under slabs thus making it an excellent radiant heat method for heating buildings There is not much need for fittings which helps in the use of running under slabs.

4. Can PEX be used for underground plumbing?

PEX is an excellent underground water service piping as long as it doesn’t come in contact with direct sunlight.

5. What different joining systems are available?

There are several methods, all involving mechanical fittings.

6. Will PEX systems help save on utility bills?

Yes. Home run or manifold plumbing systems utilizing PEX tubing can substantially reduce water and energy consumption in a home. The home-run concept provides dedicated direct lines from the manifold to the fixtures, reducing the amount of water that must be purged from the lines to get hot water at the fixture. Direct lines can be sized to the fixture requirements, further reducing the amount of time to wait for hot water. Faster hot water delivery reduces water waste and the amount of times the water heater must cycle to supply hot water.

7. Is PEX freeze-break resistant?

PEX piping is freeze damage resistant and can expand and contract as water freezes and thaws within the tubing. There is no plumbing system which is completely freeze proof but PEX is tremendously better than copper. Also PEX can be thawed out using a hair dryer or heater.

8. What are temperature limitations for PEX?

PEX tubing can be used up to 200° Fahrenheit for heating applications. For plumbing, PEX is limited to 180° F. Temperature limitations are always noted on the print line of the PEX tubing. Recommended 140 max for safety and conservation